Kepa Korta

Kepa Korta Murua

Director-coordinator of the Office of Strategy

Strategic regional planning is a necessary tool in being able to build the vision of a shared city of the future

Welcome to the website describing the Strategy of the city of San Sebastián.

The current Strategic Plan Donostia/San Sebastian, E2020DSS, was approved by the city’s Social Council in late 2010.

Strategic regional planning is a necessary tool in being able to build the vision of a shared city of the future, nd an itinerary for achieving that vision shared by all public and private agents, who also belong to different spheres (social, institutional, economic, etc.).

It means that we can prepare for the future and guide it towards the best possible model, thereby avoiding an itinerary which can sometimes lead the city into a dead end street. There are very obvious examples of this. A city that fails to design and construct its future is condemned to suffer that future.

For many years now San Sebastián has been working to plan and execute a shared strategy, and the results are tangible in areas such as Science and Knowledge, not to mention many others. The alignment between public and private agents has allowed us to progress further, and faster, towards achieving the designed city model.

The main challenges lie in building a city internationally recognised, not only for its tourism or gastronomy, although these are certainly important, but also for fields such as science, innovation, culture or social cohesion and values. A city well communicated, that works with others (and with nearby spaces and regions such as Donostialdea, Oarsoaldea, the Basque Eurocity, Gipuzkoa and the Basque capitals).

A city rich in values that confronts social exclusion in all its forms and that fosters the social capital of all men and women in San Sebastián as the true driving power of city (those people who have the ability to come together, to join forces and build in the fields of sport, culture, the social and economic spheres, etc.).

A city worthwhile living in because it has the instruments for a good life, a friendly city, with services, committed to the environment and sustainability, a city that works towards peace because it has experienced the bloodletting of violence...

A city that places its stakes on the economic activities of the future in the emerging fields of knowledge (Nanoscience, Bioscience, Neuroscience and IT) and in those with important capacities (audiovisual sector, music, creative industries, sport, etc.) and/or associated problem areas (such as aging for example).

Once again, welcome.