The Strategic Plan

Like the vast majority of medium-sized cities in Spain, Donostia/San Sebastián has a strategic plan in place which will enable it to face the future in the best possible way.

The main incentive for implementing a strategic planning process is to answer to the need to react properly to problematic situations (mainly an economic crisis or standstill).
Generally speaking, crisis situations are not the main reason for addressing these processes in our context. Instead, the incentive is has more to do with finding public-private partnerships, a desire to coordinate action, continuous improvement or an interest in promoting processes of revitalisation.

About the Strategic Plan


The Donostia/San Sebastián Strategic Plan is a living document that adapts to change and has a medium-long term outlook.

Its end product (the tangible aspect of something as intangible as urban strategic planning) is a series of projects or courses of action which, when implemented, will help to create the city we want to be.

As a result, many of the projects (which are adapted to various political, economic and social situations, etc.) are evolving and there is no dividing line between projects from the first plan and projects which are incorporated the second plan, but rather a connection or link. It therefore results in continuity, reinvention or adaptation to certain situations.

Our projects


In this section you will find the documents issued on the work of the Office of Strategy.

The most important is the city’s strategic plan, but we also carry out studies, citizen opinion polls and publish monographic and other kinds of reviews.

The publications are Basque and Spanish version. Only some of them are also available in English. For further information, please contact us.

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