PI@-Audiovisual Innovation Hub

The PI@ Audiovisual Innovation Hub is part of the audiovisual strategy that Donostia/San Sebastián implements through Fomento de San Sebastián, a company that belongs to the City Council and which is responsible for the economic development of the city.

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Situated in Zuatzu Business Park and built on municipal land, the Audiovisual Innovation Hub first opened its doors in February 2011. It provides a forum for talent and sectoral concentration which, with the right equipment and services, allows companies to resize their projects, add value and be part of a network.

PI@ was created as a model for sectoral concentration and its goal is to provide the audiovisual industry with cutting-edge infrastructure that enables it to increase its competitiveness, transfer R&D, take off towards new markets, migrate to more innovative formats, implement new technologies for work and cooperation and, above all, boost employment and economic development in Donostia/San Sebastián. 

The city´s first strategic plan had already highlighted the need to “make Donostia/San Sebastián a hub of creativity and innovation for the production of culture by boosting both the audiovisual and publishing sector and the creative arts industry, with a special focus on the applied use of new technologies”.

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