The Donostia/San Sebastián Strategic Plan is a living document that adapts to change and has a medium-long term outlook.

Its end product (the tangible aspect of something as intangible as urban strategic planning) is a series of projects or courses of action which, when implemented, will help to create the city we want to be.

As a result, many of the projects (which are adapted to various political, economic and social situations, etc.) are evolving and there is no dividing line between projects from the first plan and projects which are incorporated the second plan, but rather a connection or link. It therefore results in continuity, reinvention or adaptation to certain situations.

City projects

In this section, we take a look at some of the most important projects for the city. The key is to understand that they are city projects in the widest sense of the word: some of them were nurtured by the Office of Strategy, some are part of the strategy for the city, region or country, while others are important for the city even if they do not have a direct link with the work of the Office of Strategy.

In any case, all of them play a key role in the city that we want to be.